Creative Accord Excellence in Fragrance Technology

Fragrance Duplication and Flavor Duplication

Fragrance Duplication – The fragrance from a fragrance oil, perfume or commercial consumer product, is removed from the base and examined.  A report containing material summary, formula, olfactive comments and application notes is issued for the analysis.  ​ Consumer products can range

Essential Oil Certification

An essential oil is examined by gas chromatograph (GC) analysis to render a full ingredient characterization.  A report containing material summary, formula, olfactive comments and is issued for the analysis. Quality Assurance- available Certification Services- available Head Space Analysis-available ​Head Space Analysis-An

Hemp Testing and Botanical Examination Services

Creative Accord offers a variety of quantitative botanical examination services for growers and dispensaries that specializes in essential oils and extracts.  The tests meet or exceed the regulatory requirements to comply with state regulations. AVAILABLE TESTS Test methods have been developed

About Us

Creative Accord, LLC is an independent laboratory which conducts quantitative analysis of flavor, fragrance, botanical, essential oil and consumer products. We specialize in determining quality and adulteration. Services span duplication (duplicate), replication (replicate), reverse engineering and more. Creative Accord offers in-house analytical services for gas chromatography, high pressure liquid chromatography, column chromatography, extraction, distillation and headspace. Further essential oil physical properties are measured by optical rotation, specific gravity and refractive index. We are more than an independent laboratory, we also manage customer’s analytical services, accept method development and research projects. call us at (215) 337-5356