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Fragrance Design - A fragrance oil, fine fragrance or consumer product is examined for formula construction.  The resulting formula can be twisted or improved for the same medium.  The formula can be applied to a new medium and modified to suite the desired experience.

Fragrance Creation - Fragrances are created by customer description and experience taking into account the product medium.  The fragrance is developed and approved by a perfumer and customer.  A sample and formula is provided.

Fragrance Examination- A consumer product, cologne or oil is examined for formula construction.

Essential Oil Examination.

Aroma Chemical - A an aroma chemical is examined for quality.

Quality Assurance - We examine raw materials and finished products to ensue materials are as described.

Certification Services - Verification and validation, the fragrance or ingredient is subject to an independent analytical procedure to ensure the expected quality is present.

Head Space Analysis - An application based analysis of sampling the vapor from a fragrance, example spray, propellant, liquid or solid, flower, essential oil.