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Example Lavender Fragrance

Example of Examination Formula: Lavender Fragrance

Potential customers ask what does a examination report look like.    The report has a sample identification section,  olfactive section, formula section and comments.  The most asked question about the examination report is what does the formula look.  We decided to share part of a formula we created to answer the question.  This is a formula intended for a cleaner.  A popular cleaning fragrance is lavender, here it is below.


Allyl Heptoate 0.750
Amyl Salicylate 3.000
Benzyl Acetate 2.000
Borneol 2.000
Bornyl Acetate 7.000
Camphor 1.000
Coumarin 0.500
Cumminyl Alcohol 0.200
Dihydromyrcenol 5.000
Eucalyptol 1.000
Fenchyl Alcohol 0.500
Geraniol 1.000
Hexyl Acetate 0.500
Linalool 2.000
Manzanate 0.200
Methyl Hexyl Ketone 0.500
Methyl Nonyl Acetaldehyde 1.500
Patchone 0.500
Patchouli 1.000
Rose Oxide 0.500
Terpineol Alpha 5.000
Vertenex 8.000
Base solvent 56.350