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Free Webinar: Essential Oils Testing

Creative According is teaming up with the Ebers School of Aromatherapy to bring you an educational webinar on the topic of Essential Oil Testing! Subject matter expert Dr. Justin Frederico, PhD, is a natural product chemist and perfumer with more than 20 years of applicable experience. A vital member to the Creative Accord Team, Dr.…
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Creative Accord offers essential oil research & development to clients

Creative Accord conducts research and development for essential oil distillation on behalf of clients.  Clients benefit by receiving profile of the starting materials, actual results of distillation, potential  yields and protocols to start the scale up work. We have over 25 years experience in custom distillation.

Creative Accord is working toward ISO 17025 Laboratory accreditation

Wow this week we made another big step toward ISO 17025 Laboratory accreditation. Our team really came together and produced the documentation. the level of work is in-depth and involved, we are on schedule to be certified by third quarter. As the Pennsylvania hemp harvest comes in, we will be there to provide hemp testing…
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What is in nicotine vap?

Many vapers have asked what is in nicotine vap liquid, so we thought to take a look. We chose one of the top sellers of nicotine vap to take a look. Analysis of commercial products can remove the advertising glamour to reveal what is really in the bottle. The product promised natural and artificial flavors,…
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How to decide which fragrance to purchase or wear?

A big consideration is the intensity or concentration of fragrance in the bottle. The concentration affects the price and sillage. Most fragrances are diluted with alcohol to prevent skin irritation and provide lift. Pure parfum is the most concentrated at about 30% oil. Eau de Parfum is more common and concentrated at 15-25% oil. Eau…
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Citrus Oils have taken a beating by Hurricane Irma

Citrus destroyed by Irma Hurricane Irma’s destruction will have short term and long term affects to many to mention yet including fuel shortages and spills, grocery store shortages from supply chain decline etc.  Of concern to the fragrance market is the wonderful United States citrus oils that are distilled from Florida citrus.  The peel of many citrus…
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Industrial Hemp Research in Pennsylvania

Now that the state has allowed for industrial hemp research, how will the Act (House Bill No 967) be implemented.  The Department of Agriculture and stake holders need to carefully consider how to assist farmers and higher education to make a useful program.  We at Creative Accord are interested in providing analytical testing service, processing and discussion to…
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A Closer Look at Vintage Perfume

How do you know if a vintage perfume is genuine?

Welcome to the Creative Accord Blog

Welcome to the Creative Accord Blog! This blog will serve as an outlet for company news, info on upcoming lectures, and other interesting information from the world of flavor and fragrance.