Fragrance Design Service

Have you ever wanted to have your favorite perfume fragrance in a lotion or your favorite candle fragrance in a bar of soap?

Maybe you make candles and the fragrance simply does not meet your expectations.  Perhaps our fragrance design service is for you.

The fragrance can be captured be various techniques, then twisted or modified for odor or cost and put into the same or different medium.  The first step is to examine the fragrance to construct a formula.



Fragrance Examination – The fragrance from a fragrance oil, perfume or commercial consumer product, is removed from the base and examined.  A report containing material summary, formula, olfactive comments and application notes is issued for the analysis.  ​

Consumer products can range from candle, talc, lip balm, shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, pouch, liquid detergent, liquid air freshener, plug-in air freshener, liquid diffuser, aerosol spray, all purpose cleaner, bar soap.

Fine Fragrance – The fragrance from a fine fragrance is examined by GC and odor analysis.

Fine Fragrance Complete – The fragrance is examined in depth using various techniques in the laboratory.  The odor is matched closely with customer input to yield a formula and sample.  A professional perfumer is engaged for such special projects.

Fragrance Oil – The fragrance from fragrance oil is examined.

Balance – A target fragrance and known fragrance oil are examined by GC and odor.  Note:  This service is usually conducted after fine fragrance examination service or refinement of existing customer formula.